Mental Benefits of Sadness

“All men who have attained excellence in philosophy, in poetry, in art and in politics, even Socrates and Plato, had a melancholic habitus; indeed some suffered even from melancholic disease.” -Aristotle

I’ve had virtually no time to blog let alone think these past few months, but I came across this interesting article on Wired, “Does Depression Help Us Think Better?” by Jonah Lehrer, that I was compelled to share here. I’ve been intrigued with this concept since high school – a time in my life when, let’s just say, these studies would have had a particular relevance for me. I may have been a little drama queen – at least inwardly – but drama (or at least writing about it) is what got me through those years and which led to some of the hard core reflection and contemplation that eventually helped me become who I am.

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