Art is a Suggestion, Not an Order

Those who love art most often complain that it doesn’t do enough: but it is in the end only ever a suggestion, not an order. -Alain de Botton

Indeed, art is not meant to be perfect. It is after all nothing more than a reflection of its maker, an imperfect being attempting to perfectly reflect the person he is at a specific moment in time. What excites me is when these “suggestions” take on a life of their own to seek interactions with the world, often unbeknownst to the maker. From time to time, the stars align and a perfect union between an imperfect piece of art and an imperfect observer can take place.

As of September 2011, on Hulu alone, Flight from Death has been viewed a total of 90,303 times. I like to imagine how many people like Don there are in the world who my work has affected in some way.

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