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praise for notes on silence

I took this book with me on my annual pilgrimage to the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota, a million acres of pristine wilderness where the silence runs deep. I’ve been spending a month there at the end of the summer for more than twenty years—but this year, with this book as a companion, I was able to go deeper into the silence, and let it go deeper into me, than ever before. A deep bow to the authors for this gift of contemplation. Highly recommended to all who seek the healing balm of silence and sanity in the midst of an all-too-noisy world.

-Parker J. Palmer, author

Notes on Silence is a treasure. Cassidy Hall and Patrick Shen bring a poet’s heart and an artist’s eye to the ineffable, wondrous mystery of silence, and in doing so they have created a book that invites you by multiple passageways to the hidden place where mysticism, beauty and emptiness dance. Their reflections, combined with striking photography and interviews with over a dozen silence lovers, make for a thoughtful celebration of its essential subject. It’s more than just a companion volume to their vitally important documentary In Pursuit of Silence — it’s a luminous work in its own right.

Carl McColman, author of Befriending Silence and
Answering the Contemplative Call

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