Alone in identity and mood, the soul emerges (from meditation), and all statements, churches, sermons, melt away like vapors. Alone in silent thought and awe, and aspiration, and then the interior consciousness, like a hitherto unseen inscription, in magic ink, beams out its wondrous lines to the sense.

Walt Whitman, Democratic Vistas

These microfilms emerge directly from my artistic + contemplative practice of which my primary goal is to take all the fragmented aspects of my life and fuse them together into a unified and singular experience, a journey into the reality of the self. Patrons receive special access to these works, some of which are released publicly weeks or months later.

  • Time / Being (4:52)
  • A Performance by the Deceased (9:05)
  • I Contemplate a Tree (4:14)
  • Hypaethral (12:00)
  • It Is At Moments After I Have Dreamed (5:00)
  • ebb+flow (4:19)
  • Rain Interlude | Feb 5, 2019 (1:34)
  • music for walking through italy (3:24)
  • sierra madre | california | 49dB (5:16)