Festival of Books

Y'all should come to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this year to see Amanda Gorman who will be there promoting her ne

A Film 600 Years in the Making

New teaser & essay about Film1/ASAP, the new film which will hopefully be 600 years in the making.

[Premiere] The Picture Taking Experiment

In 1965, the first images of Mars were sent to Earth as a series of numbers that indicated the brightness of a single pixel. I

[Upcoming Screenings]

More info about Norient Film Festival More info about Tricycle Magazine’s Buddhist Shorts Film Festival

[Premiere] Day of a Stranger

[Premiere] A Quiet Scene: LA

I made a short little thing and got selected to be a part of this public installation featuring music by Roger and Brian Eno.

[Interview] Encountering Silence

I was so honored to be invited back to one of my favorite podcasts, Encountering Silence, this time to discuss my latest film

[Commission] Creating the First Gas Stations in Space

My commissioned doc series Altium Stories continues with this latest installment featuring the work of Orbit Fab, a group pavi

[Premiere] The Dawn Chorus

Very excited to share that THE DAWN CHORUS our little lockdown inspired, globally crowdsourced meditation on the first light a

[New Film] The Dawn Chorus

As a response to these trying times, Brandon Vedder and I assembled a group of 36 filmmakers in 13 countries to capture scenes

Covid-19 – Ways to Help & Resources

Kickstarter’s Resources for Artists in the Covid-19 Crisis: Emergency grants, freelance resources, legal aid, and more.

[Commission] Aquanaut: Transformer Under the Sea

Another installment of my series of commissions for Altium Stories, Aquanaut: Transformer Under the Sea explores the work of a

[Commission] Confessions of a Hacker Known as Kingpin

I’ve been commissioned to produce and direct a documentary series exploring the ways engineering is contributing to the

[Premiere] “Offline” by Alex Kozobolis

I’m so pleased to be able to share this live session I directed featuring my friend Alex Kozobolis performing his compos

[New Photo Book] “Floorgazing”

The ground provides an earthly clue about where we stand in relation to the world around us. It is the stage upon which our li

[Premiere] “Day of a Stranger” Teaser

Very excited to be sharing this peek at the new film I’m working on with Cassidy Hall exploring the hermit years of Thom