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October 2019

“This is real. Your eyes reading this text, your hands, your breath, the time of day, the place where you are reading this–these things are real. I’m real too. I am not an avatar, a set of preferences, or some smooth cognitive force; I’m lumpy and porous, I’m an animal, I hurt sometimes, and I’m different one day to the next. I hear, see, and smell things in a world where others also hear, see, and smell me. And it takes a break to remember that: a break to do nothing, to just listen, to remember in the deepest sense what, when, and where we are.”

Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing
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  • Shed Envy – Dylan Thomas and Roal Dahl (click image to view slideshow):
  • New trailer for Strange Negotiations, the film by Brandon Vedder